About us



Saint Ambrose is... people who are free. Through baptism into Jesus Christ, God has set us free from all that would limit us – our fears, guilt, sin, self-centeredness, hate, despair – so that we might be the kind of people He created us to be.


Saint Ambrose is... people who care. The Lord God has set us free for a purpose – that we might spread His love to the people around us – hurting people, hungry people, hostile people – all need to feel God’s gracious love.


Saint Ambrose is... people who hope. Because God has raised Jesus from the dead, we have hope for the future.  We are excited about what God is doing in the world and we look forward to the new world that we believe God is creating for His people.




Our mission is best encapsulated in these four 50th anniversary windows that grace the entrance to our church:





Word and Sacrament ministry is central to the Lutheran Church. Each weekend we gather together to celebrate Holy Communion and hear God’s Word. All persons are welcome to worship.


Bible study happens each week as passages are studied in an informal and shared approach toward personal growth in understanding and applying the Word of God to daily life and discipleship.


​Pastoral care and nurture is an integral part of our ministry. Encouraging and assisting each other in expressing concern for issues in church and world working together to edify and enable those baptized in Christ, and identifying opportunities for service in the church, in the community, and in the world are all part of that care and nurture.


Presence means involvement in things such as mutual ministry and action groups and mission projects. Presence means a tiny lamp of light in a huge darkness because “we bear witness to the Light.”

As you can see, our ministry is aimed at people. When Jesus Christ came, He ministered to people. As followers of Jesus Christ our mission is both Christ-centered and people-centered.  Family, marriage, and individual counseling is available through our pastoral ministry.


Our Mission includes our involvement in the community and at our jobs. Members are also involved in ministries to the sick, the homebound, the hungry, and the elderly. Through various opportunities provided by the congregation and through contributions to the New Jersey Synod and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), members of St. Ambrose reach out in love as the caring community God calls us to be.


Our goal as a Christian congregation is to gather and nurture a community of believers. We do this with a sense of purpose and ministry. As people join the community of St. Ambrose, we trust that they will grow in faith and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ and in their service to Him.




As a church we believe that all persons need God in their lives, the God who is revealed in Jesus Christ. The church is God’s gift to help us grow in our faith. The church is where the Word of God is proclaimed and the Sacraments are administered.


We believe that the church is an essential part of the believer’s life. It is a community that gathers to celebrate God’s gifts and, at the same time, searches for the meaning of God’s gifts to us in the context of the world

in which we live. Worship and teaching, therefore, are at the heart of our congregational life.





True to our confession of faith in the words of the Nicene Creed, we believe that every baptized child of God has been called, gathered, enlightened, and sanctified by the Holy Spirit and united with the one and only church, the holy or sanctified church, the catholic or universal church, the apostolic or historical church proclaimed by Jesus Christ and His successors in faith through every time and place.


As an expression of our faith, we are joined together with 10,200 other congregations, making the ELCA the fourth largest Protestant denomination in North America with 4,200,000 members.


We are also one of the 180 congregations with 78,000 Lutherans in the New Jersey Synod, which is one of the 65 Synods in the 9 regions of our ELCA.


Together with 13 other congregations in this geographical area, we are the Southwestern Mission Cluster of the New Jersey Synod, ELCA.


In addition, we are a part of the Delaware Mission District, which combines our Southwestern Mission Cluster with the Burlington Mission Cluster and the Camden Mission Cluster.


Working together as the whole Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, we are making Christ known in ways that no individual or congregation can do alone.

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