Services of Worship


HOLY COMMUNION 6:00 PM (on hold due to Covid 19)


SUNDAY SCHOOL 10:00 AM (on hold due to Covid 19)

Welcome Worshipers

The Lutheran Church of Saint Ambrose was established in 1961. Ours is an active church, which encourages our worshipers of all ages and abilities to serve God through their individual talents. We have many committees/teams that can be joined, as well as many wonderful events that always need volunteers .

About our Communion

Communion is part of most of our worship services. Ours is an open communion. All those who have been baptized, confessing Christ as Lord and Savior, and who believe He is truly present in the bread and wine to forgive sins are invited to partake.

PLEASE fill out a communion card each time you commune and hand it to the usher on the way up to the communion rail or place it in the offering plate.

BREAD: You can receive communion in a variety of ways at St. Ambrose. If you hold out your hand as Pastor approaches, a wafer will be placed in it. You may eat the wafer directly or save it to dip in the wine when it is offered. If you do not hold out a hand, Pastor will place the wafer in your mouth.

WINE: If you hold out a hand when the wine is offered, Pastor will give you a small communion cup with wine in it. If you would prefer grape juice, please let an usher know so he/she can inform Pastor. If you do not hold out your hand, Pastor will tilt the chalice for you to drink the wine or for you to intinct your wafer into the wine.

***Children who have not had, and are not ready to take communion are encouraged to come to the communion rail for a blessing

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